About Darissa Thompson

Conversation comes easy with Darissa. Her communication style is practical and unpretentious. She studied marketing, accounting and business and earned a BS in Business Administration at the University of North Carolina-Wilmington. After school, she accumulated two decades of experience crunching numbers for a couple of the Grand Strand’s most successful Real Estate Development companies. That experience gifted her with the ability to analyze situations while maintaining objectivity. It is almost as if a career in Real Estate Sales pursued her!

Darissa’s had sand between her toes since her youngest years. “My love for the beach didn’t begin when I became a resident of North Litchfield Beach and fell in love with the areas in and around Pawleys Island,” she said. “I grew up in Coastal North Carolina, and that’s where I developed a passion for the beach. A beachside lifestyle is as exhilarating as it is relaxing.” You can tell she means it when she makes eye contact and says: “I really love where I live.”Darissa says: “I understand my clients are seeking their own slice of the welcoming, uncomplicated lifestyle I love so much. And I understand they are making large investments – emotionally and financially. That’s why I’m intensely committed to the people I serve. The decisions I help them make will alter the rest of their lives!”

Like Darissa, Keith – her husband of 34 years – maintains an ongoing affair with the ocean. His passion for surfing and sailing keeps Darissa at the ocean’s edge as often as possible. Spending time with him on Litchfield Beaches is no sacrifice: “I love long walks and reminiscing about days when I built sand castles with our son, Blake.” Now a trader for a Wall Street Bank, Blake returns home often. Like his parents, a love for sun, surf and a laid-back lifestyle is in his blood.